History Of Rugby

Rugby is located right in the heart of Warwickshire. It is considered a very beautiful countryside location. Rugby England is the birthplace of Rugby the Sport so many people that are interested in buying houses in Rugby are interested in the rich rugby history the area can boast.

The game originally started at the Rugby School in 1823 by William Web Ellis.In addition there are areas of the town centre that are very busy traffic ways. In order for the town to grow, these areas need to be accessible to pedestrian traffic and pedestrian shoppers. This will stimulate the economy and make the town more desirable to newcomers looking to buy houses in Rugby. If your looking to buy a house in rugby then you are at the right place as we are one of the best estate agents in rugby. Houses in Rugby are varied in their stature and price.

If you do buy one of the houses in Rugby, you will probably enjoy the many country outdoor establishments like parks and quaint villages. You will probably also enjoy the downtown market centre area that has a weekly open air market in addition to shops, restaurants and a large selection of pubs. The government is planning to make the town centre area more pedestrian friendly during its regeneration.  There are many places that serve to be Rugby town landmarks and historical landmarks as well. These locations include The Rugby School Museum which has historical information about the town and the school. The Rugby Football Museum is the main attraction for many and a great source of pride for the town. Traditional Rugby balls are made in their original style by hand. There are tons of valuable rugby sport artifacts and memorabilia. The popular museum also has the Pathway of Fame Trail around the town to honor the most famous Rugby players and Rugby events.

There is another art gallery and museum that are combined. Housed in the art gallery is a nationally renowned contemporary art assemblage. The museum is known for its collection of Roman artifacts from the ancient settlement of Tripontium. Other places you might enjoy in Rugby include more lovely parks like the Coombe County Park, Historic Village Draycote Water Reservoir and Nature Reserve, and the Oxford Canal Rugby School Stanford Hall Ryton Organic Gardens. Other landmarks are Benn Hall. which many people visit to enjoy music concerts and attend conferences.

There is something for every member of the family in Rugby and the town is growing every day.