Tenant Form & Fees

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 To protect the Landlord from loss arising from any claim as a consequence of any breach by the Tenant of any covenant contained in the tenancy  Agreement.
To pay, unless a court orders otherwise, the Landlord’s reasonable legal costs and expenses properly incurred in enforcing this Agreement.
A “default fee” applies to late payment of rent (it must be at least 14 days overdue) or replacing a lost key or fob which gives access to the building. With the former, any interest charged can’t exceed the Bank of England base rate plus 3%, while, with the latter, the landlord or agent can only bill a tenant for their “reasonable costs”, and must provide written evidence.
Renewal Fee’s, whether the contract is renewed for a fixed or periodic term, an administration charge of £100.00 will become payable from the landlord to the agent within 7 days from the invoiced date. 
Surrender of the tenancy by the tenant
In the event of a tenant requesting early release from the tenancy agreement, which will only be granted in extreme circumstances and with the landlords consent, a charge of £50 administration fee, rent to be paid up to the date of re-let and a proportion of the landlords re-letting administration costs will be payable once a replacement tenant is found and the account is up to date.  The tenant remains bound by the tenancy agreement until such a point the lease is replaced by a suitable alternative.
Payments relating to changes to the tenancy. Where a tenant requests a change to the agreement, the agent is entitled to charge £50 for the work to the tenant, or the amount of their “reasonable costs” if they are higher (though evidence – such as receipts and invoices – would need to be provided). A change might include amending the names on a contract when one flatmate moves out and the other tenants find someone else to move in, or asking to keep a pet, or requesting permission to sublet or run a business from the property.
Keys- to replace lost keys we will charge £10 + VAT per key to replace and get cut.

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