Moving home guide: Your essential checklist

Moving home guide: Your essential checklist

While moving home can be an exciting time, creating a fresh start in your life, the thought of moving home can often leave people in a cold sweat. There is a lot of work to do when planning a house move, and this is why it is helpful to plan ahead and arrange everything you need in advance. At Complete Estate Agents, we are on your side when it comes to house moves and we are pleased to provide an essential checklist that will hopefully serve as your moving home guide.

Picking a moving date is one of the most important factors in the success of your move, so choose wisely. If you need to arrange holidays or time off from work, arrange this as soon as possible. Also be mindful of issues like Bank Holidays or school holidays as this may affect removal van availability, the availability of professionals, friends and family members and the cost of services. Some experts also tell you to avoid a Friday if you can but first of all, you need to find the day that works best for you.

One month before you move

When you have a month until the month, the process becomes real and it is time to start taking care of the process, here are some important steps to make at this time:

  • Review removal companies or van hire companies and obtain at least three quotes from these professionals
  • Make a decision and then hire a removals company or van hire company
  • Carry out an inventory of your property and determine what you want to take with you
  • If you can declutter and remove items from your belongings, do so
  • Inform the removals company of your inventory list
  • Ensure that you have sufficient packing material
  • When a box is filled, be sure to label it in a correct manner that will make it easy for you to find things if needs be
  • Inform utility companies of your move
  • Inform banks and any other relevant authorities about your home
  • Arrange for a mail redirect
  • If you have children, inform the school and arrange for school records to be sent to the new school

One week before your property move

This is likely to be a busy time and hopefully the majority of your packing is complete. These are the steps you should take when you are one week away from a property move:

  • Cancel or switch local services such as deliveries or collection services
  • Make sure that you have notified all relevant people of the move and authorities
  • Defrost the freezer
  • Put aside items that you will definitely need for moving day, including snacks and toiletries
  • Confirm details with removals company or van hire company
  • Start to clean the house
  • If you have kids and/or pets, try to arrange for a sitter or for someone you know to look after them

Moving day

The big day has finally arrived and while it is likely to move quite quickly, following these steps will help you to stay in control of the situation:

  • Ensure that all appliances have been turned off and that you have taken final readings
  • Remove all the bedding and clothes you wore going into the last day
  • Ensure you have a survival kit with a kettle, food, drink, cutlery, snacks and anything else you may need for moving day, this includes any medical items you need
  • Make sure people know where the new home is and provide routes to the property, or at least the postcode so people can set up their own route
  • Carry out a final check of the home and clean anything that needs to be cleaned

After you have moved in

Given the stress of moving home, it would be easy to rest and catch your breath when you move into a new home but it is best to carry out some steps to make the process a lot simpler:

  • Give your new home a quick clean
  • If you have young children, it is a good idea to ensure they get settled quickly and setting up familiar elements in their room can be helpful
  • Make sure that you put all bedding in place
  • Ensure everyone who helped you has been taken care of
  • Take readings of all meters
  • Place boxes where they should be

Hopefully these tips will help to minimise the fuss and stress of moving home and if you ever need any guidance in making a move in the property market, contact Complete Estate Agents.